Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Neues Deutsches Kino

Through this course, we saw a lot of movies. They're new German films. And everywhere I find some movies really good. Mostly boring but there are also films that boring here in the US. I think that new German cinema has a future, mainly International. I know that I personally find quite Toll Internationalle films. I watch movies from many countries. Not only German films, but films from Japan, South Korea, England, Russia, etc., I think that movies has no language. If it has a good theme and story, I look at it. No matter it is in a different language. I really do not care.

My favorite movie was The really big dream . It is about football. I do not know why it's my favorite movie is, but I know that it has a very great story. In the beginning, I thought it was very boring. But in the end I thought it was really wonderful. I can not say with words, but I have feelings of this film. It makes me happy.
I have the film Kebab Connection not like. I found the topic very slowly. And really with films by Fatih Akin, you know one, do you know any. I find a pair of films by Fatih Akin good but the topic is boring now. I find the comedy in Kebab Connection not funny. 

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